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With an incredible developper experience

Boost your time-to-market on web and hybrid mobile app

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Something New About Web Application Development

The Next Generation Platform-As-A-Service (Paas)

Aspectize offers a faster, simpler and more sustainable
way of translating business changes into web and
mobile apps, with the Microsoft .Net and Azure platform.

Design As A Service simplifies SAAS development,
offering an amazing built-in Architecture,
available for your Web and Mobile Applications.

Developers and architects, discover how to create valuable software within
minutes and bring your projects to the next level of agility

What kind of Apps can I do with Aspectize ?

LightSpeed Development & Delivery

Agility as you’ve never seen before, beyond your imagination

Build any business application much faster and easier than traditional methods

Total separation between UI, Data and Code

Long term benefits of reuse

Overall Quality improvement, Greater reusability of software assets

Reduction of complexity

Application development more maintable, and easily sharable and transferable

Blazing fast HTML5 applications

Full Ajax Application, without any single line of code

Automatic exchanges between server and client are only data-driven

Total customization and controls over UI and business

Unify Web and Mobile scenario

Capitalize dev between web apps and mobile apps

Run web app on any device

Support disconnected mode and automatic synchronization

Expose your data through standard REST API

Cloud & OnPremise Apps

Deploy Anywhere on Public Cloud, Private Cloud or On Premise

Reversibility between Cloud and OnPremise App; same apps run on both platform

Reversibility SQL / NoSQL

No need of any Azure knowledge, neither SDK

Manage Application Life Cycle in the cloud

Deploy in the Cloud, in one click

Manage versionning, upgrades and rollback

Manage different Test/Pre-production/Production configuration


Manage security and Roles over views and commands

Protect your apps from vulnerabilities; SQL injection, nor cross-site scripting injection are impossible by design

Unified Data Model with UI Designer

Modelize once for all your data, both on the client and server side

Share your model with UI Design, and facilitates understandings of your apps with all shareholders